Extratorrents in 2021: Get the List of Extra torrents Proxy Site

Buying movies, games, series, cartoons, anime and all such entertainment events purchase has stopped by most of the people ever since torrent sites for it has emerged.

How did they commence on the website?

After the kickass torrents went down, this site commenced in the internet world attracting more number of people and resulting in gaining traffic to their site.  Tons of files that are hosted will be verified by their staff. Users also comment about their experience and their view about the content that is posted which will attract or quickly move away from that particular content. 

Extra torrents:

It is one of the sites where you can enjoy watching your favourite content absolutely for free. Unfortunately, the site got shut down by their owner voluntarily in May 2017 which made all the users stumble since they were all completely dependent on this website to watch out for their favourite content. 

As the users were completely worried about their sudden disappearance, all of a sudden they became enthusiastic again as usual. Can you guess the reason? It was because a huge number of proxy and mirror sites to the Extratorrent started to arise one by one. These proxy and the mirror sites also will help you to download the contents available in the website for free. 

Contents that you can enjoy watching in this site are:

Movies from different languages, music, TV shows, games, premium software and e-books; such a variety of contents can be enjoyed and utilized effectively by the users.

Extratorrent proxy and mirror sites:

Extratorrents proxy site

If you are the users of the original torrent and when you see proxy and mirror sites of it, you may have so many questions that arise in your mind. The fact about this proxy site is that it is the duplicate copy of the original torrent so you will feel no difficulty in accessing it. 

How do I utilise it?

There are around 25 proxy sites that are still working in this 2021 year. These sites are maintained well and they are updated now and then so that users can enjoy new contents. Kudos to the team since the site has a massive storage space and that is the reason for more content to be in this site. 

All you need to have is a strong internet connection with a good down loader. 

Extratorrents proxy site:

List of the proxy and mirror sites that are working now are given below.








The sites are blocked in countries like India, Spain, US, UK, Pakistan, Italy, Turkey, Russia and France. These proxy sites will act as midway servers from the destined website to your connection. Doing so will keep your IP address to be concealed and no one in the Internet can trace whether you have gone to the blocked website or not.  

There are also alternatives to this website such as Iso Hunts, Pirate Bay, 1337x, zooqle, YIFY, RARBG, Limetorrents etc. 

Also visit:


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